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Zeugma is a semiological narrative game about escapism, love, social struggle and determinism.

Four objects, four vignettes, four memories. Are they past or future ?

Figure out the past from the future while packing up. Through her items, find their signifcations in a young woman's life, tell her story, fill the gaps.

The game supports only mouse and keyboard. It is currently available for Windows and Mac.

If you want to buy the drawing that is in the main scene, take a look at Caroline's shop right here!

Thank you for playing!

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I had a hard time getting a grasp on this game.

Hey !
Sorry to hear that you've been struggling with it. Thank you for playing it anyway, your feedbacks help me a lot to do better on the next game!


Hm, this was very interesting! I liked the way the story cut to different locations for each item you pack.

I put together a few wild theories during my two run throughs, none of which I think come anywhere near the mark! But hey, I got to practice a bit of French so that ain't a bad thing!

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it many times in the future, but I really do love games that give you a story but don't just lay it out in front of you. Games that make you think, games that encourage you to put the pieces together.

Great work, this! Keep it up =)

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Hi Mikey !

Thank you for your lovely video ! I am so glad because you really dig the game ! My intention was to push the player to play more than once playthrough in order to put together theories about the story ! Each player has always different stories to tell me after they've played, it was a pleasure to hear yours ! There is an actual story and you were not far from the truth, actually :)

Congratulations for the video, it was fun and really interesting to see you play ! 

This was an interesting game.

Hello Ferocious,

Thank you for playing Zeugma!! Your let's play was really fun! You have missed a few things that would have helped you understand the story, but this is my fault and not yours. Your video was enlightening regarding Zeugma, I hope you liked the game :)

Thank  you!

Hey, I played your game and really enjoyed it. 
I particularly liked the jump-cuts which really captured the idea of a character's thoughts flitting from one thing to another, motivated by the objects around them (at least that's what it suggested to me). I also liked the little tasks the game had me do –small slices of repetitive action which brought some rhythm into the action.
I also LOVE that radiator model :-D beautiful.
I found the controls a little difficult to manage but still managed to contort my body to try and see if there was anything written on the back of the photo, only to find that it was invisible from behind!
I was disappointed I didn't get to pack the vibrator.

Hey Eldridge !
Thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot to me! I am glad you liked the game, and I am really pleased that what you felt was exactly what I wanted the player to feel. 

I had doubts about the vibrator, and I was afraid I couldn't find the best way to represent a thought with it. And thank you, also for your feedbacks on controls, I am planning to get it right the next time :) 

Thank you again for you comment, and thank you for playing!